Company History

Spoormaker and Partners Inc wants to be recognised as the preferred consulting practice by clients to provide innovative (HVAC/Fire/Wet/Energy Efficiency/Water Efficiency) designs and sustainable solutions that meets or exceeds the expectations of our clients at the lowest life cycle cost within the agreed time, quality and budget constraints.


New Branch Manager Durban

Hannes Pretorius appointed as new branch manager.


Spoormaker & Partners UK

Spoormaker & Partners opens up an office in London under management of George Rouse.


Handing over the reins

John Ferreira is elected as new managing director, taking over from Henk Spoormaker. 

New Head Office Manager

After John Ferreira's election as managing director, he took over the role of office manager from Henk le Roux who was elected to the position earlier that year.


Appoint Additional Board Members

Francois Schutte, Henk le Roux, Jonker Bester, Riaan Brits, John Ferreira, Patrick Costello appointed as board members.


Appointment New Board Members

Yashika Naidoo appointed to the board. 


Release of construction charter for broad based black economic empowerment.

Spoormaker and Partners obtained level 3.



Spoormaker & Partners Inc. changed over from standard AutoCAD to AutoCAD MEP. Training was given by a UK specialist.


ISO 9001 Certification

Obtained ISO 9001 for Head Office followed by the Cape Town and Durban Office.


New Branch Manager Durban

John Ferreira appointed as new branch manager.


S&P diversity in Fire Protection

S&P and Trevor Williams started Chimera as a joint venture to provide fire protection services. 


DTM (Dienstenêre TSA Meago)

In response to the transformation requirements in South Africa. DTM was established to empower previously disadvantage engineers. Today the company is a subsidiary company of Spoormaker and Partners.


Established SEM (Shared Energy Management)

SEM Cape Town and Spoormaker and Partners branch office was established at the same time under the leadership of Patrick Costello as the new office manager, to implement the energy water savings projects for DPW in Cape Town.


Durban branch office opened.

The Durban office was opened under the leadership of the late John Cook and his wife due to the demand of the roll out of cellular networks in South Africa.


Established Plancom

In order to provide more efficient and faster turnaround times a separate plan printing company was established


Re-established Spoormaker and Partners

Spoormaker and Partners Inc was re-established to specialize in air conditioning and electrical building services.


Joined Ove Arup

Spoormaker + Partners joined Ove Arup and became the mechanical and electrical department of the multi-disciplinary firm.


Established Spoormaker and Partners

The late Mr H.J Spoormaker started Spoormaker & Partners in 1964. He emigrated from Holland in 1955 in a response to the South African government requirement of qualified engineers from Europe.